Етикети: Levski

Levski:Auxerre 1:0 2

Levski:Auxerre 1:0

Levski:Auxerre 1:0 Yes, we are in the UEFA Cup groups! Finally!

Bulgaria’s Supercup 0

Bulgaria’s Supercup

I didn’t know that Bulgaria has a football supercup – a cup final that is...

BG Football Cup 0

BG Football Cup

At least we got the national cup! That’s my briefest comment about favorite team’s winning...

In Memoriam to Gundi 0

In Memoriam to Gundi

If he were alive today, Georgi Asparouhov, Gundi, the greatest football player of Bulgaria would...

1:2 2


CSKA : Levski – 1:2 It’s great when my team wins and beats its archrival....