Месечен архив: октомври 2004



I’ve finally registered my family name as a domain name. So hence, this site can...

Choose. Shop. Great! 2

Choose. Shop. Great!

Choose life. Choose good health. Choose a suite. Choose your friends… That is a modified...

Keep walking onward 0

Keep walking onward

At last I went for a walk today. A hour spent, enjoying the Sun. It...

Big Brother 2

Big Brother

Everyone these days is talking about that show. I missed its beginning because I was...

That weather 2

That weather

Why exactly, when I cannot go out and enjoy the weather it is so nice?

The Surgery 5

The Surgery

Remember this post? Well, this was just a preview, though that many months ago, to...

Making the connection 0

Making the connection

It has been a while since I managed to view that many movies in a...