Skype downtime

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  1. talas-bigsnows каза:

    obviously Skype doesn’t have a disaster planning section. Any business worth its salt has a disaster plan so that if key system dies a back up cuts in. My opinion is that Skype is either too naive, not professional or too money tight to implement a disaster recovery system. It can be done, so Skype can’t say its not possible. Come on skype, we expect better whne so many people depend on you. Also, I paid for telephone connection, and OFTEN, I say often, its not better than PC to PC, SO…. why should I pay for rubbish ! Please don’t say well its cheap so why complain, I say don’t advertise good service when you CANT SUPPLY IT !

  2. BarrieShardlow каза:

    my Skype is still off line and i am missing contacting friends and family. so hope you can fix the problen soon

  3. emanuel каза:

    I have also the same problem. I have this problem will fixed soon. I have many things to do with my skype.

  4. Akos каза:

    You’re right. Same thoughts.

  5. sanjam74 каза:

    Please could you tell me when the skype is goung to be repared? It’s 24 hours since I had problem

  6. rmosquera2302 каза:

    Desde ayer por la maГ±ana mi estado de Skype esta fuera de lГ­nea por una razГіn muy trivial – el servicio de Skype sin funcionar debido a los problemas de registro dentro de los servidores de Skype. Estoy mencionando esto, porque si mi Skype estГЎ abajo, es como si mi lГ­nea telefГіnica estuviese caГ­da tambiГ©n. Hace mas de dos aГ±o no me habrГ­a imaginado que un simple programa significarГ­a tanto en la comunicaciГіn diaria con los clientes, los contratistas, los amigos y la familia, pero ahora.
    Ahora lo que me queda es esperar y aguantarse. Ver lo tarda en arreglarse este problema. Llevamos ya casi 24 horas desde la caida del servicio, va y viene esta haciendo intentos de restaurarse pero sigue sin funcionar correctamente.

  7. thomas каза:

    Perhaps they want to show us how dependend we are on such things like skype… im talking every night at least one hour to my girl in scottland, and now im waiting really hard to hear here againg… no sms, no skype out, nothing…
    that sucks..


  8. Alek каза:

    It was terrible. I had so much stuff planned to do via skype that I couldn’t. Even worse than when my gmail account was down.

  9. Alek каза:

    PS eBay stock fell down about 8 percent :)

  10. Raffaele Sassun каза:

    It is really so. I use it for being connected to clients, friends, relativies, the entire world. And now that it is down, it seems that the world stopped. I hope to get online asap

  11. jd каза:

    My skype got back for a while an hour ago and then it went dead again… :(

    Still waiting again…

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