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  1. Magenta каза:

    yeah, it’s amazing there. this is my second year i go there. but i didn’t stay for the floods. i had the luck to leave the rodopi mauntain on 2nd august. the heat that welcomed me at the tracia valley almost made me ill. i couldn’t sleep for 3 days untill it started raining at stara zagora which is my hometown.
    you should go back there and check the qgodinska cave. it’s really beautiful. i like it better than the devil’s throat cave. another magnificent cave is uhlovitza. it’s not as close as the qgodinska cave, but it’s worthy seing it. that cave is one of the oldest in europe, i don’t remember the number, but it’s age is like a 100 times greater than the age of the devil’s throat cave.
    and dont’t forget to take warm clothes. the qgodinska cave temperature is 6 degrees C and the uhlovitza cave is 10.
    by the way, i envy you a litte for seing the flood.

  2. jd каза:

    don’t envy for the floods. it’s a disaster that is worth seeing only on TV, not in person! ;)

  3. Arie каза:

    We plan on visiting the Rodopi mountains in October and also to visit all the caves mentioned. Do you think it is proper for a couple in the mid 50’s (good phisical conditions) and also can anybody tell us if the roads have been repired.

  4. jd каза:

    As far as I know, everything is fine now. If you are planning to come to the Rodopi, it’s best if you can have a car (possibly a rent-a-car) so that it can facilitate your movement around the mountain for you can see more places in less time ;) Otherwise, there are many places where you can camp or you can go to hotel. In Trigrad, as well as Shiroka Laka and the other villages and towns you can find a decent place to sleep for about 10-20 euro per night (this depends on the type of the place, and also whether you can a breakfast included in the price).

  5. Arie каза:

    Thanks jd. I will add our report once we are back.

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