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  1. kris каза:

    Yeah, but not completely. I’m sorry I wuld have to disagree with you, but my oppinion is that „The Matrix“ was a bible-like story which eventualy ends happily. While „Brazil“ is story about love, but in another way. The system – yes, the people outside the system and those inside the system – true. The part in brasil is that it ends unsolved – the anti-hero story of pre-cyberpunk. And the matrix – well it ends so happily, as every true script to release the pressure at the end, insted of canalising it into some ebergy source.

  2. chad каза:

    Brazil is an amazing movie…to this day, one of my favorites. Robert DeNiro and Katherine Helmond are brilliant in it.

  3. Zhany каза:

    now i want to disagree with ya Kris :)
    actually the idea of the first movie of the Matrix trilogy was OK and it is firmly connected with the brazil movie. (we can argue did the Matrix makers just copy Brazil with some hi-tech shit included). The other two parts were just money-makers. Try to ignore them. It is a „hollywood production“ after all. the end of the real movie and the real idea is the end of part one. the other stuff is bullshit.
    brazil is much crazier and, because it lacks the high tech shit, much more scary than the matrix. all this is so fuckin real you think it’s gonna happen to you in the next moment. brazil was not understood by the majority of people in its time. different from the matrix, which was made in such a straightforward way that even my cat understood it. forget the action and the gadgets, brazil rulezzz. more to think about, more to be warned about, more to suspect, more to know…
    class movie, movie number one

  4. Zhany каза:

    batko nema da zabrava onzi mladostki avtobus na put kum chamber-a ;) bojeeeee, kolko muka ima po toq svqt, bojeee

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